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What We Offer

Green Resources

We provide useful resources to integrate into an enlightened lifestyle and contribute to a progressive new world. Our mission is to motivate participation in the green movement.   Check It Out!

Course Teachings

The world does not teach us how to think, yet influences what we think in a myriad of ways. We have provided,   "A Course in Miracles" and related resources that teach the laws of mind, what is the world and how and what we can do to change it. Click to learn more.

Project-2 Go Green

"Project-2 Go Green" is a membership network created to generate income to support the "green movement" and network members through the give-away and sale of reusable recyclable shopping bags".  Check out our income generating system below.


Our Network & "Project-2 Go Green" Program

Join Network as Free Member, Then Upgrade to Partnership

•  Ideal for people unemployed, that have full-time jobs, and/or are home-based due to retirement, parental responsibilities, physical limitations, health challenges or personal choice.

•  Ideal for individuals, families, friends, groups and organizations.

•  No website needed and no need to stock products.

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